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All-Rite Water By Culligan

All-Rite Water By Culligan

Water Conditioning & Purification

About Us

All-Rite Water (ARW) has been in business for almost 40 years. Our current team has been in place since 2010. After the economic collapse, many local water businesses found themselves struggling as the builder business halted.

Simultaneously, Todd VanHouten was looking for a career in a service-based business where people really were its greatest asset. He believed that even though there were severe economic headwinds, some principles still applied. He saw opportunity in the water treatment industry through technology, education, and focusing on employee satisfaction.

The logic is: If your staff is happy, feels connected, has technology on their side, and receives top notch education, customer satisfaction follows.

In July 2021, VanHouten merged with Consolidated Water Group. This gave All-Rite Water access to more water treatment equipment and parts. During the pandemic, various raw material shortages have made certain items in our industry very difficult to have in stock. Having access to Culligan equipment helped relieve some of the shortage we were experiencing.

We are 12 years into our vision of education and employee satisfaction, delivering nearly 100% customer satisfaction. How do we know?

We call our customers regularly to ask them. We are not 100% the first time around but we will make things right 100% of time! No excuses or delay. Losing a customer is a very bad day. If you do business with us, we will be the last water company you ever need to call – we guarantee it.

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